British Police Hand Out 20 Tickets for Party Gate

British Police Hand Out 20 Tickets for Party Gate

British police are handing out the first 20 tickets to government officials who have participated in illegal corona parties around the government. Who will receive the fines and how high they are, is not stated in a statement from the police.


However, the investigation is not yet closed due to the “significant amount of evidence”, and more fines are not ruled out, according to police.

Earlier this month, officers began questioning key witnesses after detectives reviewed answers to questionnaires that more than 100 people had to fill out, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. During a coronavirus lockdown, these individuals were involved in gatherings at Johnson’s Downing Street office and other government buildings.

The affair was given the name partygate, because it would involve parties and Friday afternoon drinks. Twelve of them have been under investigation since January. The fines are issued for violation of the corona rules. Johnson is unlikely to get a receipt, and an anonymous source told Reuters. According to him, some partygoers can receive multiple prints.

Johnson has repeatedly said he was sure no rules were being broken and that these were work meetings. However, the issue surrounding the drinks that took place while there was a corona lockdown caused a lot of commotion in the United Kingdom. The opposition and part of his own party want him to resign.

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