British Freedom of Movement also Restricted Due to Coronavirus

British Freedom of Movement also Restricted Due to Coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced severe restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. He announced that people should stay at home and that the shops will be closed.


“The coronavirus has been the biggest threat to our country in decades,” Johnson said in a speech. “All over the world, we are seeing the devastating impact of this invisible killer.”

Johnson explained that too many people should be prevented from getting sick at the same time. He thinks the healthcare system cannot handle that.

“I am giving the British people a straightforward assignment tonight: you must stay home,” said the Prime Minister, who emphatically asked people not to meet friends. He warned that the police would enforce the rules and issue fines.

According to the prime minister, the British are only allowed to leave home to buy basic necessities, to work if they really cannot from home, to seek or provide care and to move. He also issued a ban on gathering: no more than two people may gather in public spaces unless they are people who live together.

The government also bans events such as weddings, although funerals are allowed to continue. Shops must also close if they do not sell essential goods. Libraries, places of worship and other institutions are also closed to prevent the virus from spreading.

Johnson says no prime minister wants to take such measures. He announced that the restrictions will be evaluated in three weeks.

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