Brexit Negotiations Resume This Week

Brexit Negotiations Resume This Week

Negotiations for a trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom will resume later this week.


A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this after a telephone conversation between the negotiators of both sides. Consultations had been halted since late last week after a deadline set by Johnson had passed without a deal.

Earlier Wednesday, the European chief negotiator informed the European parliament that the EU is ready to work on the draft texts of the agreement and that the sovereignty of the United Kingdom is not at risk.

Barnier also said that an agreement is still possible if both sides work hard and are willing to compromise.

Insiders had told Bloomberg news agency that those were the comments Johnson had been waiting for. With the resumption of negotiations, the aim is to reach an agreement in mid-November.

Previously, access for European fishers to British fishing grounds was still a major stumbling block. Barnier warned that as far as the EU is concerned, there will be no trade agreement without agreements on fisheries.

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