Boris Johnson Speaks to the Country: the Tide is Turning

Boris Johnson Speaks to the Country: the Tide is Turning

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reappeared on Monday. He spoke to the country outside his official residence on Downing Street, saying that it is moving in the right direction in the fight against the coronavirus.


Johnson fought for his life in the hospital earlier this month and later recovered at his official country retreat. “I’m sorry I’ve been away from my desk for much longer than I would have liked,” he said.

The prime minister thanked his countrymen for complying with the rules of the lockdown.

“The tide is starting to turn,” promised the prime minister, who compared the virus to a robber. “Now is the time when we start working it together.”

Despite that optimistic message, the prime minister has not yet said when the lockdown measures will be relaxed. He expressed the expectation that the government could report more about this in the coming days.

Johnson expressed an understanding of the citizens and entrepreneurs suffering from stringent measures.

However, he also stressed that it could have dramatic consequences if withdrawn too early. Then there is a risk of a “second peak” of the outbreak.

“This is also the time when we are most at risk,” said Johnson. “Because a lot of people will look at our apparent success and wonder whether social distancing can do a little less.”

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