Bloomberg: Apple is Working on Additional Tools for the Car

Bloomberg: Apple is Working on Additional Tools for the Car

Apple wants to offer handy digital tools for the car. The American group is working on technology for, for example, operating the air conditioning, the speedometer and the position of the seats, Bloomberg news agency has understood from insiders.


The control would then be done easily via your iPhone.

Millions of drivers can easily select music, get directions and make calls via Apple CarPlay. This has been around since 2014. The project behind the new options is IronHeart and is still in its early stages. To really make it work, Apple should also seek partnerships with automakers.

According to Bloomberg, the plan does show that cars are likely to become very important to Apple, even if the company did not start selling its own vehicles. The iPhone maker could earn a lot of extra money on services for the car in the future. Apple itself did not want to respond to the message about the car plans.

There have been rumours for some time that Apple would like to build its own cars in a few years. That would be an electric car that is also self-driving. Apple’s electric car project is called ‘Titan’ and has been running since 2014, when the first design was made. Apple would like to use its own battery technology.

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