Biden Hails Democratic Gains in Georgia and Wishes for Unity

Biden Hails Democratic Gains in Georgia and Wishes for Unity

Upcoming President of the United States, Joe Biden, has hailed two Democratic candidates’ likely winnings for Senate seats for the state of Georgia and called on the Americans for unity.


Biden, if the results are confirmed in Georgia, not only has a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives but also controls the Senate. There will be fifty Republicans, and fifty Democrats (or independent allies) and the casting vote will go to Biden’s vice president Kamala Harris.

Biden called for “to turn a page” because the Americans want “action and unity.” He said he had “never been more optimistic about what could be achieved”. That is quite a lot with a majority in both Houses of Parliament.

President Biden can then, from his inauguration on January 20, for example, start handing out ‘corona checks’ of 2000 dollars to the Americans. The extraordinary support for the population suffering from the corona crisis has been a bitter issue in the Senate where Republicans still hold a majority.

President Trump was in favour, but the Republican leader torpedoed the plan because of the cost.

A national minimum wage of $ 15 ($ 12.2) could also be set with Democratic majorities. Biden will also find less resistance to plans to set up affordable national health insurance. It should compete alongside private health insurers. The organization of public health care has been a point of contention in the US for decades that politicians and private parties have still not resolved.

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