Biden Calls on Americans to Wear Face Masks

Biden Calls on Americans to Wear Face Masks

President-to-be Joe Biden calls on Americans to wear a face mask to reduce the coronavirus. “Do it for yourself, do it for your neighbour.


A mask is not a political statement but an excellent way to get the country back together,” he said in a speech in his hometown of Wilmington.

With the latter statement, he refers to Donald Trump, who seems to make it a sport not to wear a mouth mask at meetings. Many of his supporters also omit that. Biden emphasized that it is an effective means of stopping the virus from spreading.

Biden said he would do everything he can to reverse the pandemic if he is sworn in. He warned that the US faces a very dark winter.

According to him, a vaccine will probably not be available within a few months. He announced on Monday who will join his twelve-member team of experts that will make recommendations to get the coronavirus under control.

Earlier in the day, Biden pointed out that the US is losing more than a thousand people to Covid-19 every day. The country has reported nearly 10 million infections and almost 240,000 corona deaths, by far the highest number in the world.

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