Benedikt Sobotka, the CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, supports the Green Office project

Benedikt Sobotka, the CEO of Eurasian Resources Group, supports the Green Office project

‘The Green Office’: Eurasian Resources Group introduces ethical business technologies

Lately, under the rule of Benedikt Sobotka, Eurasian Resources Group has become the first industrial company to support the Green Office project in Kazakhstan. The project aims to create numerous public places, mostly offices, which activity will be organized in resource-conserving and ergonomic ways. These offices will waste much less electricity, use less paper, ionize the air inside and throw many eco-oriented activities for their inhabitants. The main goal of the project is to positively impact the environment and to reduce air pollution in areas of interests of the projects participants. Meanwhile, ERG’s offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg already practice waste sorting and recycling.

As a part of the project, the Group is planning to replace its gas-cleaning supplies with new ones and build several recycling plants.

To mine and to save the planet

ERG’s companies pay their attention not only to environmental, but also to ethical ways of doing business, especially in cobalt industry. Under Benedikt Sobotka’s rule, the Group does its best to make each level of mining and production process be transparent for all participants. While participating in Word’s Economic Forum, it’s been crucial for Eurasian Resources Group to join the Global Battery Alliance that controls raw materials supply chains and lithium-ion batteries production.

Eurasian Resources Group is a main electrical power provider in Kazakhstan. There are over 80 000 employees working in companies that belong to ERG worldwide. The Group’s activity is mainly focused on mining in Kazakhstan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Cobalt and copper are the clue products in mining there, the DRC alone has up to 60% of all the world’s cobalt supply. There are ore processing enterprises as well.

Each year, the Group transports around 50 million tons of the mined materials, which is to say that it’s logistics sector is also a big part of the Group’s business.

The three best results inside the ERG and the ‘Clean Cobalt’ project

Last year, three of the ERG’s companies showed amazing results and broke the previous records:

– MNC ‘Kazchrome’ has produced 1,7 million tons of ferroalloy,
– «Schubarkol Komir» has mined more than 11 million tons of coal,
– Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant has smelted almost 260 thousand tons of aluminium.

Besides that, a new enterprise specializing in cobalt and copper has been set up in Africa and the ‘Clean Cobalt’ project has been launched.

The main idea of the ‘Clean Cobalt’ initiative is to embed responsible mining practices into the business to create a strong, ethically rooted cobalt supply chain that can drive local economic development. The three primary goals that will help to achieve it are:

1. Maintaining an assured chain of custody
2. Community development focused on children out of mining
3. Driving education and issue advocacy through partnerships

Also, according to Benedikt Sobotka, last year the Group has thrown a sports festival and the third innovators forum for its employees, most of them has taken places in the Group’s biggest partner, Kazakhstan.

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