Austrian Chancellor Kurz Wants A European Corona Passport

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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wants to introduce a kind of corona passport in Europe, as it already exists in Israel.


He hopes to give people who have already been vaccinated, cured or have recently been tested negative more freedom with his proposal. Kurz will present his plan to his European colleagues at the virtual European summit this afternoon.

Kurz calls on the EU to urgently develop a unique “green passport” that EU citizens can use to prove that they have been vaccinated or tested negative.

He is determined to work it out in a European way. “As happens in Israel. Preferably digitally on your mobile phone. This way, everyone gets back the freedom that we so cherish.”

With the corona passport, it should once again be possible to travel around Europe, go to restaurants, stay in hotels and attend concerts. “Those who have been vaccinated should be able to enjoy their complete freedom again,” says Kurz.

“But also those who have just had a corona and are therefore immune and anyone who has had a test and can prove to be negative.”

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