Austria Abolishes Almost All Corona Rules, Including for Tourists

Austria Abolishes Almost All Corona Rules, Including for Tourists

Austria will put an end to almost all corona measures from March 5. Therefore, in addition, to considering relaxation in the country, it will be easier for foreigners to travel to Austria.


The additional entry restrictions will expire, meaning tourists only need to have a vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

The Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung writes that corona passes in shops, catering establishments, and many other places will be discontinued. It was previously announced that the 2G policy in many locations would be extended to 3G from February 19. From March 5, a corona pass will only be mandatory in high-risk locations such as hospitals and nursing homes.

According to the newspaper, there will also be a relaxation of the mouth cap obligation. Face masks remain mandatory in healthcare, public transport and essential shops such as pharmacies and supermarkets. However, at other indoor locations, only mouth cap advice will apply from March 5. Chancellor Karl Nehammer has further announced that the closing times of the catering industry will no longer be restricted and that nightclubs will be allowed to open their doors.

According to Nehammer, it is possible to continue to relax the corona measures because the number of infections in Austria is decreasing, and the situation in hospitals remains manageable. Last year, the country took very strict measures to curb a corona wave. The restrictions were more severe than in many other countries. It was then also decided to introduce a general vaccination obligation. It came into effect last month. However, it is not known whether the authorities will move to strict enforcement.

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