Apple Music Is Growing To 60 Million Users

Apple Music Is Growing To 60 Million Users

Apple Music is Growing to 60 Million Users. Music streaming service Apple Music has grown to 60 million users. Still much less than significant competitor Spotify, but Apple is running.


Apple CEO Eddy Cue reported the new number of subscribers.

Apple states that this concerns both paying users and users who have concluded a free trial period.

According to Cue, Apple Music has become the most used streaming service among users of Apple products such as the iPhone and the Mac.

In April, Apple Music passed the big competitor Spotify in terms of popularity in the US.

Apple Music was launched four years ago and, unlike Spotify, has no free version.

Spotify has been active since 2006, and according to its latest figures has 100 million paying users worldwide.

In the Netherlands, Spotify is still much more popular than Apple Music: here only 6 percent of people use Apple’s service, compared to 43 percent for Spotify.

Spotify complains about Apple
Both Apple and Spotify try to lure customers with discount promotions and temporarily free subscriptions to another product or service.

Earlier this year, Spotify complained that Apple is competing unfairly by giving Apple Music on Apple devices an unfair advantage.

For example, it was not possible for Spotify to build a good Apple Watch app and use Siri support; those functions are likely later this year with iOS 13.

However, Spotify is especially angry that Apple forbids selling subscriptions from the Spotify app on the iPhone, without giving Apple a share of it.

There were only 680,000 Spotify users that have to pay commission, and it turned out recently.

And about the subscription fee, Spotify does not pay the 30 percent that it complained about, but 15 percent.

Apple will release new software for all its devices later this year, with improvements for Apple Music.

From now on song lyrics are animated in karaoke way for easier singing, and the Mac gets a separate Apple Music app, which replaces iTunes.

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