Apple Has Sales Of 48.4 Billion Pounds And Tempered Expectations

Apple Has Sales Of 48.4 Billion Pounds And Tempered Expectations

Apple has Sales of 48.4 Billion pounds and Tempered Expectations. In July, August and September, Apple have booked a turnover of 48.4 billion pounds into the books.


The turnover increased by 20 percent compared to the same quarter last year, according to the quarterly figures that Apple published on Thursday.

The company earned its money mainly with iPhones. In the space of three months, almost 47 million were sold,

 accounting for a turnover share of nearly 28.6 billion pounds.

The services department, which includes revenues from iTunes and the App Store, delivered just under 7.6 billion pounds in three months.

Apple tempers expectations for the coming months
Apple notified Thursday that the company is unpromising to meet the high expectations in the coming months.

Topman Tim Cook wondered, among other things, whether Apple could control the demand for products.

He also pointed to challenging circumstances in emerging economies and less positive outcomes of exchange rates.

The company expects a turnover of between 68 billion and 71 billion pounds over the next three months.

Apple is starting a new financial year for the period October to December.

The first quarter is essential because that matches with the arrival of new iPhones and other products, and the holidays.

From now on, no sales figures for iPhones, iPads and Macs anymore
Apple will no longer be open about the number of deliveries of iPhones, iPads and Macs.

With this Apple follows other producers of smartphones, tablets and computers that often keep such numbers for themselves.

According to Apple, the figures are pointless to show how the company is doing.

“It’s a bit like going to the supermarket, going to the cash register and asking the cashier:”

How many products do you have there? ” That does not value if you want to know the significance of what is in your cart, “Cook said Thursday.

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