Another 100 Million Euros in EU Emergency Aid for Afghanistan

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The European Union is allocating another 100 million euros in emergency aid for Afghans in trouble.


“We must do everything we can to avert the serious danger of a major famine and humanitarian disaster,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her annual ‘throne speech’.

The retreat of Western troops and the seizure of power by the Taliban have left many people in Afghanistan adrift. In addition, the economy has collapsed. With winter on the horizon, hunger is looming, warn the United Nations, among others.

The EU has already increased emergency aid to Afghanistan from about 50 million to four times that. Member States individually also make money available. However, unlike development aid, which has been halted now that the Taliban have seized power in Afghanistan, the emergency aid will continue.

On Monday, the international community pledged more than a billion euros in emergency aid.

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