Angry Protesters Storm American Embassy in Baghdad, President Trump Accuses Iran

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Angry Protesters Storm American Embassy in Baghdad, President Trump Accuses Iran. In the Iraqi capital Baghdad, hundreds of angry protesters have attacked the American embassy.


These are pro-Iran demonstrators who want to respond to an American air attack with the campaign. US President Donald Trump speaks on Twitter that Iran is behind the attack. The US Department of Defense commissioned additional reinforcements to guard the embassy.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the US embassy in the strictly guarded “green zone” in Baghdad. They chanted slogans such as “Down, down the USA” and “Death to America” and placed graffiti messages on the walls.

Several demonstrators destroyed surveillance cameras, broke through an outer wall gate and apparently could reach the embassy site. There was also arson and gunshots.

The hotheads, however, did not touch the main building of the embassy. American soldiers were spotted on the roofs of the embassy to protect the building, and Iraqi security forces also intervened with tear gas.

There are several injured people at the demonstrators. The crowd itself also called to leave the place to prevent bloodshed. “We have delivered our message”, it sounds. In the evening, dozens of protesters have put up tents on the walls of the embassy. They want to hold a “sit-in” protest action there.

Reuters news agency initially reported that the US ambassador had been evacuated, but now it appears that the man was not present during the attack due to a personal journey.

He is now returning to the embassy. The US authorities also say that all personnel are safe at the embassy and that there are no plans to evacuate.

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