American Governments Cannot Remove Kaspersky Products

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American Governments Cannot Remove Kaspersky Products. American governments are unable to remove products from the Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab from their systems. The code of the company is too broad in some hardware products.


The American authorities are therefore not expected to comply with a new law that prevents the use of Kaspersky products, the news site Fortune News reports.

In December, the US passed a law that explicitly states that no federal government may use hardware, software or service produced or provided by Kaspersky Lab. The authorities must comply with this law on 1 October 2018.

Anonymous sources tell The Daily Beast that they are worried about the implementation of Kaspersky code in hardware products, which means governments cannot fully comply with the ban.

The US government is worried that the Russian government is using Kaspersky products to spy on the United States.

Kaspersky Lab denies any ties to the Kremlin. The company went to court in February to challenge the part of the law.

Dutch national government
This month minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) declared that the Dutch government is going to phase out Kaspersky software.

The measure only applies to company antivirus software, and not to other products. Kaspersky, which has an office in Utrecht, hopes that the government will return to this decision.

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