Amazon Prime Makes It Easier to Cancel Under European Pressure

Amazon Prime Makes It Easier to Cancel Under European Pressure

Amazon Prime, the video streaming service of the American online shopping company, makes it easier to cancel after European pressure.


From now on there is a clear unsubscribe button and cancelers only have to click twice to cancel their subscription, says the European Commission.

European consumer organizations have been complaining for some time about the hurdles Amazon presented to customers who wanted to unsubscribe. They had to go through several complicated web pages where they were bombarded with information to confuse, distract or persuade them to change their mind. Those manipulative tricks make it “unreasonably difficult” to say goodbye to Prime, the Norwegian Consumer Association concluded, for example.

The agreed changes on the website were made immediately. According to Reynders, the committee and the regulators of the EU countries will monitor whether Amazon indeed continues to show improvement.

In addition to video streaming services for series such as The Boys and The Underground Railroad, Amazon Prime is also a subscription through which the tech company offers customers all kinds of benefits such as free shipping. Every year Amazon also holds a so-called Prime Day where it gives subscribers discounts on all kinds of products.

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