Again No Profit for Trump Golf Course in Scotland

Again No Profit for Trump Golf Course in Scotland

The Trump golf course in Scotland didn’t turn a profit last year either. The loss was according to operator Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd. (TIGCS) 1.1 million pounds.


It comes as no surprise that the golf course at Aberdeen is in the red. That has never been different since it opened in 2012.

The operator says that the turnover increased by 18 percent, but more costs also had to be incurred. Because more people wanted to join, investments were said to have been made in expanding the facilities.

The company has not released its financials for 2020. The golf course had to be closed for some time in the past year due to the corona pandemic. The number of customers also had to be limited to prevent the virus from spreading.

Donald Trump, who made a name for himself as a real estate mogul and TV personality before his presidency, is a great fan of golf. He regularly hits a ball himself.

Among other things, Trump was on the golf course that the American media decided to designate his rival Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

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