According To CEO Musk, Tesla Is Well On Its Way

According To CEO Musk, Tesla Is Well On Its Way

According to CEO Musk, Tesla is well on its way to Breaking its Record. According to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla is well on its way this quarter to deliver more than 90,700 cars to its customers. It would break the car manufacturer’s record.


Tesla now produces around 7,000 cars a week, Musk writes in an e-mail to his staff that has leaked on social media.

Insiders confirm that the mail is authentic.

Investors have been worried lately about how much demand there is for the Model 3 car from Tesla.

Demand was disappointing in the first quarter.

According to Musk, 50,000 new orders were received this quarter.

The Tesla share has been falling for six days
The leaked mail comes at a perfect time for Tesla.

The Tesla share surrendered to the stock market in the past six days in a row.

The positive news made this afternoon, a moment to turn that adverse trend into a plus.

For a while, the Tesla share stood at a plus of 3 percent, but now the share is balancing about 0 percent.

Worries about world trade
The Morgan Stanley investment bank lowered Tuesday’s expectations for the Tesla share in the worst-case scenario adjusted from 97 dollars to 10 dollars.

The bank is concerned about the company’s substantial debt and the impact that uncertainty about world trade has on Tesla.

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