A Major Strike in Myanmar, Dead Again in Protests

A Major Strike in Myanmar, Dead Again in Protests

Burmese civilians have stopped working en masse in protest against the military coup. Banks, shopping centres and factories remained closed in the largest city of Yangon on Monday.


Mass protests against the coup continued as usual. At least two people were killed when protesters came under fire in the town of Myitkyina.

Unions had called for a general strike to bring the economy to a complete standstill. “This is the time to act to defend democracy,” they wrote in a joint statement. Witnesses say that in Yangon, the country’s largest city, only a few tea shops were open.

Some officials had quit work earlier, much to the anger of the junta. He has threatened to fire government employees who continue to strike. Security forces meanwhile use increasing violence against demonstrating civilians.

An estimated 50 deaths and 1,800 arrests have been made since the military took power on February 1. Government leader Aung San Suu Kyi was then arrested.

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