A British Woman Died of Novichok Intoxication

A British Woman Died of Novichok Intoxication

Last week, a British woman, who was hospitalised with poison Novichok, has died. That told Scotland Yard on Sunday night. The 44-year-old woman from Amesbury and her 45-year-old companion had been admitted to the Salisbury District Hospital on Saturday a week ago with symptoms of intoxication. She leaves three children.


The police are now investigating the murder. British Prime Minister Theresa May was concerned. “I’m shocked and shocked,” she said. The man is still in critical condition, as a police spokesman said.

The investigators believe that the couple accidentally came in contact with the deadly nerve poison. The couple from Amesbury could have found about a vial or a syringe with remnants of the poison that was used in the assassination of the Skripals.

British media reported that both are drug users. The police locked up six areas in Amesbury and Salisbury, 13 kilometres away, where the couple was nearing their first symptoms. These include a pharmacy, a church and the home of the 45-year-olds.

The hostel where his girlfriend lived was evacuated. Former Russian double agent Sergej Skripal, 67, and his daughter Julia, 33, were found unconscious four months ago on a park bench in neighbouring Salisbury.

They barely escaped death and now live in a secret place. They were also treated at the Salisbury District Hospital. The British government blames Russia for attacking Skripal.

It is not excluded that other people could come into contact with the poison as long as the contaminated object is not found in the case of the couple. The hospital in Salisbury assured on Saturday, however, that the risk to the population was low.

A police officer, who had been investigated on Saturday for suspected poisoning in the hospital, could be given the all-clear. The investigation had been “a precautionary measure in connection with the incident in Amesbury.”

A hospital in Salisbury, Wiltshire, in the southwest of England had earlier reported that the police officer was being tested for a possible Novichok poisoning. The suspicion of intoxication has not been confirmed, said the police of Wiltshire on Saturday night.

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