4 Must to Visit Thailand Beaches Once in Your Life

4 Must to Visit Thailand Beaches Once in Your Life

It is tough to pick a couple of excellent beaches in Thailand, the land of beaches. There are a lot of Beaches in different cities in Thailand; however, here are some of the best beaches that you must keep on top of your summer travel list:

Maya Bay Thailand

Maya Bay
Remember the movie “The Beach”. Yes, it was made on this stunning beach with blue water and white sand. Since that movie, this beach became the centre of attraction for newlyweds, lovers, friends and families. The beach is famous for its stunning views, moderate temperature and crowd that gathers here.

The place is encompassed by restaurants, resorts, bars and water sports. You can enjoy sunbathing or watch the sunset with the love of your life. Camping at Maya bay can be a good alternative of Thailand’s full moon party.

Sunrise Beach
As the name explains, this beach is located on the easternmost side of the country, and you can witness the very first sun rays here. It’s beautiful to see the sunrise at the beach. There are many cool beaches nearby. However, dawn holds the pride to be the most peaceful and serene beach.

This is the best place to be in the morning. At its back are tall, extravagant trees that offer sanctuary; and this shoreline is made particular by a stretch of sand that bends a ring around part of the sea (a novel and frequently captured part of the scene).

Freedom Beach Thailand

Freedom Beach
This beach is one of the most peaceful and less crowded beaches of Phuket. This is not because people do not visit it much but because it is least accessible. Serene and set against a scenery of thick wilderness, this shoreline makes the figment that you have lurched into heaven.

The clear water holds bright coral reefs, making it one of the best places for snorkelling in Phuket. The shoreline is watched over by local people and the prohibition on speedboats and plane skis (which are genuinely irritating when you aren’t riding them) makes this place a peaceful, unwinding place.

Railay Beach Thailand

Railay Beach
This shoreline is a standout amongst the most well known in Thailand Beaches and can be found close to the town of Krabi. It looks unbelievable: the water is clear; the sand is white and fine as a powder; and it is encompassed by tall, rough cliffs, which draw in rock climbers from everywhere throughout the world.

Not only this, you will find the very famous full moon party organised here every month near the full moon.

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